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Corporate portrait & Headshot photographer Brussels

Are you the type of person to say, “I never look good in photos and I don’t like it!” ? As a corporate headshot photographer, let me tell you that inner beauty lies dormant in each one of us, but that it sometimes requires a little help to be revealed thanks to the talents of a professional photographer.

Why should you hire me as your corporate portrait photographer?

Because you care about your image and you’re willing to invest in it to make a difference.

I shoot in my home studio or in your offices – in Brussels, Belgium, or abroad – premium quality business portraits, for LinkedIn, your website or for printing.

1h+ of shooting

This may sound very long but it’s the best way to make you feel most at ease and capture genuine expressions of you, no matter how photogenic or confident you are. You might even find yourself having fun!

Self-confidence booster

Being a professional portrait photographer is much more than mastering strobes and cameras. I will guide you through the best poses to highlight your personality and boost your self-esteem. By the end of the shoot, you will be fully aware of your image and how good you can look in any situation.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your corporate portraits by the end of the session, I will give you a free re-shoot. This guarantee applies to every client coming to my home studio for 1+ hour.

Makeup & Hairdressing

Optionally my makeup artist partner can come and style your hair as well as enhance your features with makeup. Be reassured, she will even stay during the whole shoot to make sure you look at your best until the end.

On-site corporate photo shoot

Does your company need executive portraits or corporate headshots? I can come to your offices anywhere in Belgium or abroad with all my studio equipment.

Advanced retouching

Why would you pay a professional portrait photographer to just look good?

If you strive for excellence, advanced retouching will truly make you shine and stand out from the crowd.

Forget about skin imperfections or distractions, let your aura reflect who you truly are!

Executive woman headshot - Avant retouche avancée
Executive woman headshot - Après retouche avancée


Unfortunately I don’t shoot such images.

The reason is simple: My job is to make you look great. On the contrary, ID photos force us not to smile causing us to look anything but great. Why would you pay for a premium headshot to look average if not terrible?

You should ideally contact me before the wished shooting date:

  • between 2 and 10 days ahead for a “normal” shoot.
  • at least 7 days ahead if you are interested in the makeup and hairdressing option

Either way, if you have a business travel, holiday or maternity leave coming ahead, I recommend you to contact me when you’re back and fully available.

We all have our budget constraints, I get that.

When you hire me for an individual 1h+ portrait session you commit to a shooting experience which will translate into great headshots AND, most of all, help you build up your confidence and look at your best in any business situation, eg. job interview, public presentation, etc.

If you like my work but are looking for one headshot on a budget I recommend you to contact your HR department. I would come with great pleasure to your company or university for a group session.

At the very south of Uccle, easily accessible by car – with a lot of free parking spots – or with public transportation (1/4h train from Bruxelles-Midi).

The shoot itself is in English or French but I’d be happy to also communicate with you in German or Dutch before and after.

Of course!

As a professional specialised in headshots and personal branding, I naturally help my clients to choose the best images. But in the end, the customer is king, and you will have the final word.

Concretely, this choice of photos will be done as follows:

  • Individual session :
    At the end of the shoot, we will review all the photos and select the most relevant ones to best meet your career goals.
  • On-premise session :
    At the end of the shoot – which generally lasts 10 minutes – I will quickly show you the few photos taken to ensure that there is at least one correct photo. You will then receive by email all the raw photos, from which you can choose the one(s) to be edited or fully retouched.
You don’t go to a professional photo shoot like you visit a DIY store!
All of my clients hire me to get a “final product”, i.e. retouched photos, comparable to what you can see on this page. Therefore it doesn’t make any sense for a professional photographer to send unretouched raw files. 

My corporate portraits have a global licence. You are free to do whatever you wish with your images.

I usually send the final retouched photos via WeTransfer within:

  • 5 working days for individual sessions
  • 5-10 working days for company photo shoots

In case you have a tight deadline I can also send you one first photo within 24-48h if my agenda allows it.


What my clients say

Laura M.
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Cédric is a marvel. I went to get some professional headshots with him as I begin a new job search, and he not only took great photos, but he put me at ease throughout the process. And that's not easy, because I am not particularly comfortable in front of the camera! He walked me through poses and positioning in order to get the best effect, was extremely responsive to all emails (including my sillier questions!), helped choose the photos that gave the best professional impression, and overall did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking to get professional headshots in Brussels and its surrounds.
Lola B.
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I very much enjoyed the relaxed yet professional atmosphere set up by Cédric during the photoshoot. He took me step by step to a good posture, and a natural look. In about an hour, I have learned simple tricks used by pros that I won't forget. Very good editing work, and fast. I recommend.
Laure A.
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I had a great pro photo shoot experience with Cedric. He knows how to put you at ease to get the best results, and his lighting expertise does wonders. If you need to refresh your LinkedIn/Zoom/Teams/etc photos, look no further.
Helen T.
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Cedric made a series of portraits of me. I was amazed by the quality of the result. Cedric not only did a great job helping me to strike the right poses, he also did wonders in postproduction. Since then, I use those pictures on my LinkedIn profile and when I am invited as a speaker at conferences. In short, I really recommend this talented and meticulous photographer.