Portraits & Headshots

Are you the type of person to say “I never look good in photos and I don’t like it!” ? As a professional headshot photographer, let me tell you that interior beauty lies dormant in each one of us, but that it sometimes requires a little help to be revealed thanks to the talents of a professional photographer.

Why hire me as your portrait photographer? Simple! I promise you 1 good hour of shooting, during which you will have a good time and you may even, towards the end, enjoy the exercise and the results. No worries, I will accompany you throughout the shoot and guide you to adopt the poses that highlight your strengths and minimize your small flaws, without changing who you are.

I shoot in my studio or in your offices – in Brussels, in Belgium, or even beyond – premium quality business portraits, for Linkedin, your website or for printing. And because you deserve excellence, I retouch the best photos of the session for an optimal rendering.


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