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Family event & portrait photographer Brussels

Whatever our personal preferences, whether it be in religion or celebration, there comes a time when we like to celebrate the important moments that mark the passage of time: a birth, a baptism / christening or a Brit Milah of the youngest, a Catholic communion, a Protestant confirmation or a Bar Mitzvah of your child, an engagement, a wedding, without forgetting the many birthdays and anniversaries.

Most of these events will only happen once in your life! My role is to help you savour those precious moments.

Like a photo-journalist, I will follow you during your family event to immortalise smiles, tears, hugs – all the little joys of life. And so that you can relive these emotions in a lasting way, I can also create a unique photo book for you.


Feel free to whatsapp me or email me in any of these languages:
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In a country at the crossroads of civilizations like Belgium, it is better to be multilingual. In addition to French (my mother tongue), I am fluent in English, German and, to a lesser extent, in Dutch. 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇳🇱 🇩🇪

By default, I shoot

Family portraits in Brussels only.

Family events in Brussels or within a 20 km radius around Brussels. 

I may consider photographing further away if your family event lasts at least 4h.

Please note that I only shoot in Brussels and outdoors.

IMO this is the best way to achieve genuine and lively photos, especially with kids who will probably prefer playing outside rather than posing like dummies in front of a white background. As a bonus, you could even bring your dog with you if you want.

Concretely, this means going to one of Brussels parks and/or to some iconic places, like the Mont-des-Arts or the Grand-Place.

Baby photography is a specialty in its own right that other Brussels fellow photographers do much better than me…

For my part, even if I happen to photograph babies during baptism ceremonies I have decided to focus on children and toddlers for portraits. If my photos speak to you, feel free to contact me at that time. 🙂

Ideally, about 2-3 weeks before a family portrait. Keep in mind though that the shoot can only be confirmed a few days before as outdoor photo shoots depend on the weather. Brussels is not Los Angeles…

Ideally, about 1 month before for a family event.

Nobody wants to see the same photo 10 times. Do you?

After each shoot, I take my time to carefully curate and retouch the best images in order to offer you a consistent and qualitative final selection – without unnecessary redundancies or failed pictures – which will make you want to watch and re-watch your family photos without feeling bored.

For your information, I deliver on average between 20 and 50 images per hour of presence. The final quantity will largely depend on the number of people, the variety of locations, the weather and the quality of light.

As a professional, my job is to deliver a finished product to my clients, in this case, edited and optimized photos.

Are you the kind of person to ask your artisan baker for half-baked bread and croissants? I am not! This is why I do not share any RAW files with my clients

Any self-respecting “pro” photographer must retouch their photos! 
After every photo shoot I carefully sort and retouch the best images in order to deliver you a consistent and high quality photo selection that tells your story.

Selecting the most interesting photos among hundreds of shots and retouching only the best can’t be done in a snap! That’s precisely one of the reasons why you would hire a professional photographer.

I am committed to sending you the final photos via WeTransfer within 2 weeks after the shoot.

Unfortunately not.

Since I only shoot outdoors – when our famously nice Belgian weather allows it – and mostly during the weekends – when my agenda allows it – the number of available dates is quite limited. Therefore, I don’t want to charge you for a hypothetical date several months in advance.