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For professionals in Belgium and Europe

For couples & families in Brussels and Belgium


About the shooting location

How far do I go to photograph?

I work mainly in the Brussels region and in the Walloon and Flemish Brabant. I can also come and photograph your event or real estate anywhere in Belgium or abroad. In this case, a travel fee will be applied on top of my working fees (0,40€ per km from Brussels, round trip).

Where do I shoot my portraits?

At your best convenience, in my home studio, in your offices or outside.

About my working methods

How do I work?

Your time is certainly limited. This is why after every photoshoot, I review all of your images to select the best ones, while taking care to eliminate any unnecessary duplicates.

More specifically, if we talk about event photography, it is unfortunately not uncommon to capture a few grimaces, closed eyes or blurred faces; therefore, I may not be able to send you one or the other photo that you may have seen me taking if it does not meet my quality requirements: good lighting, good framing, a clear subject and, an essential element in the case of people photography… the presence of emotions.

How professional am I?

Only you can tell! You can have a look at my portfolio and decide for yourself if you want to work with me.
What I can tell you is that as an Aspie, my biggest concerns are attention to detail, accuracy and excellence at work.
In any case, feel free to read some of my customer reviews on Google.

How many photos will I send?

Quality rather than quantity! My priority will always be to deliver the highest quality to my clients. In the end you can expect in average:

  • Headshot photography: 3 to 5 fully retouched portraits after 1 hour of shooting
  • Family portrait photography: 10 photos per hour of shooting
  • Event photography: at least 30 photos per hour of shooting (conference, family event, wedding, etc.)
  • Real estate photography: 1 fully retouched photo per room + 2 to 4 photos for the living-room and the kitchen

What about photo retouching?

The vision of a photographer is not limited to the framing. This is why I retouch all my photos without exception, for an optimal result, and so that they represent the reality the way I felt it and I want my viewers to feel it.

In the case of real estate photos or even more for portraits, I almost always use advanced retouching in Photoshop.

  1. For real estate photography, this guarantees a proper representation of your house or apartment as close as possible to reality.
  2. For portraits, retouching allows me to fix or get rid of all these small details that do not define you in absolute terms: a pimple on the nose, yellow teeth, a piece of hair that has lost its color, etc. My primary goal is to reveal your true you, i.e your inner beauty in the best possible light. Retouching allows me to guarantee you this level of excellence.
How long does it take to receive the photos?

3 working days on average for a shoot of between 1 hour and 1 day.
4 weeks on average for a complete wedding day.

Sharing and image copyright

How do I share my files?

Once all the images have been sorted and edited, I will send you a private link to download your photos. Unlike some unscrupulous photographers, I put no limits on downloads and I always send you all the photos in ultra high definition 300 dpi JPG so that you can print them in large format if you wish.

What if a client loses their images?

All of my photos are backed up on 2 local drives and in the Cloud. Should you lose them, just email me and I’ll send them back to you for free.

What about the copyright?

For professional clients:

By default, you are free to use my photographs under a “fair” commercial use, including the Web and non-media communications (eg brochures, flyers, printed objects, etc.). In the context of “media” use, for an advertising campaign, a special contract will be signed, which may include an extra copyright fee.

For private customers:

You are free to use my photographs and share them with your family and friends. Any commercial use is however prohibited.

Obviously, in all cases, I keep the intellectual property of the photos.