Corporate event photographer in Brussels, Belgium

20 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Belgium
22 May 2020

Are you looking for a unique place, at the same time magical and photogenic, to celebrate your wedding? Let's get nuts! Experience what it's like to have your own fairytale royal wedding in a castle for a day! This is an excellent choice which will not only make your wedding day unforgettable but also help your photographer create memorable wedding photos for you. No need to travel abroad! Belgium is full of gems, from Antwerp to the Luxembourg...

No, nobody wants to get unsorted & non-retouched photos!
6 May 2020

Over and over, I may be asked by some clients one of these 2 questions: Can you send all the photos you took? Can you send all your photos non-retouched? Over and over, I keep answering: No, I only send a selection of carefully sorted out photos.No, I only send meticulously retouched photos. And no, because all good things come in threes! Should I send all my event photos to my client ? Of course not! Every client deserves to get the best of...

10 reasons to hire a pro photographer for your events
28 April 2020

Some say marketing is a waste of time and money. Others say marketing is a necessary evil. As a former marketeer, I couldn't agree more with the latter proposition. We live indeed in times where every "serious" event needs to be documented in a lasting way on photos and/or videos. By "serious", I mean for example: Conferences & seminars Networking / cocktail events Political meetings & congresses Annual General Meetings So, why pay a pro...

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