Some say marketing is a waste of time and money. Others say marketing is a necessary evil. As a former marketeer, I couldn’t agree more with the latter proposition. We live indeed in times where every “serious” event needs to be documented in a lasting way on photos and/or videos. By “serious”, I mean for example:

  • Conferences & seminars
  • Networking / cocktail events
  • Political meetings & congresses
  • Annual General Meetings

So, why pay a professional event photographer when you can have free photos done by your employees?

1. A pro event photographer has the right gear

OK, an iPhone Pro makes great pictures, at least when you look at them from far away on a billboard or on your small screen… But let’s be honest for a moment, it cannot compete with a professional DSLR camera. Especially if you want to print them later on for your yearly review, a brochure or a poster? If you don’t believe me, open one DSLR pro photo + one amateur smartphone photo on your computer and look at the details in the faces…

And I’m not even talking about the various lenses and strobes a pro photographer always carries around during an event and which make a huge difference…

2. A pro event photographer has the right expertise

Having pro-grade gear is one thing, being able to leverage it is another one. When you hire a pro, you know why. It’s because you want consistently tack-sharp, well-exposed and well-framed photos, no matter the time of the day and the circumstances. 

3. A pro event photographer has the “eye” for details

OK, your favorite colleague may take a few good photos, but how many times in your professional life have you felt a “WOW” while looking at photos taken by a pro? Maybe it was the angle, the face expressions, the light? Who knows? In any case, it was made by a pro.

4. A pro event photographer aims at excellence, like you

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in order to make your event great. So will a professional photographer

You can ask a team member to do it but can you seriously expect him/her to attend the event, help on various tasks and take photos?


5. A pro event photographer tries to get everyone in the frame

You’ve spent hours polishing your guest list. You obviously want them all to come and all feel like your event is worth it. You also want afterwards to remember and share your event through quality photos. You deserve it. And that’s a good thing because it’s the pro photographer’s duty!

6. A pro event photographer is good at shooting poses

Placing groups at the best spot with no distracting elements, using the best light available (natural or professional flash), making sure everyone smiles and looks into the same direction with all eyes open. All of these small details make a big difference.

7. A pro event photographer is good at making candid shots

In my opinion, this is what truly differentiates a pro from an amateur. People don’t smile or laugh on demand (unless your organization deals with actors?). Relax! Capturing those ephemeral “candid” moments is the perfect playground for a pro photographer.

If I speak for myself, I love it so much that I tend to shoot this genre beyond the end of my shooting contract, trying to capture one more beautiful face expression here and there, and one more, and one more… It’s like eating chocolate cakes over and over again, with no risk of indigestion!

8. A pro event photographer retouches your photos

Not the kind of retouching to make you look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie… Sorry! A pro will review every single photo of your event and make sure the exposition, the colors, the contrasts are perfect in every corner of the frame. We’re talking about your corporate image!

9. A pro event photographer secures your photos

I remember once a client of mine asking for photos she had lost after a computer crash. No problem! I always shoot with dual memory cards, which means I always have 2 copies of a same photo on my camera in case one memory card fails. Once I go home, I save all of my client’s photos on my hard drive + an external hard drive + the Cloud. Yes, I want my clients to know they can rely on me! Better be safe than sorry!

10. A pro event photographer saves you money

In the end, you get what you pay for!

Hiring a professional event photographer guarantees that you won’t have to “babysit” a colleague during your event. We know what we have to shoot. It is our job.

It also means that you will get pro-quality photos which will help you promote your organization and strengthen your brand awareness / authority.

You might say: “OK, but my organisation doesn’t have much budget!”. My advice: always privilege quality over quantity. Sharing average (or bad) photos can only harm your brand image! And trust me, as a former marketeer, I can tell you it’s easier to build up on a neutral image rather than repair a negative brand image based on bad marketing, like amateurish event photos.

What should you do if your budget is limited?

There are always solutions.

You can hire a pro for your most important event(s) only and for the most important time slot(s). Think Return On Investment!

If you can commit to hiring a pro photographer on several events, (s)he might agree to give you a discount. 


Your employer may not be the wealthiest, but I guess you wouldn’t like to work for a company whose branding is considered as amateur? Just for the sake of saving some money.

Did I convince you? If yes, feel free to have a look at my portfolio and contact me!


Photo credit: Cédric Puisney