Photo shooting

Choose your package

  • Corporate event
    from 150€ + VAT
  • Communicate better with your stakeholders
  • ⌈ EU / business conferences, private events, trade shows ⌋

    • Shooting: at least 1h
    • Basic retouching included

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  • Headshot or portrait
    from 170€ + VAT
  • Update your digital personal branding
  • ⌈ Linkedin profile picture – Business portrait – Fashion portrait – at home studio or outdoors ⌋

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  • Corporate branding
    on quote only
  • Upgrade your marketing to the next level
  • ⌈ Tailor-made ⌋

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  • Family session
    from 185€ all inc.
  • Create beautiful memories for your close ones
  • ⌈ Anniversary – Birthday – Baptism – Engagement session – Wedding ⌋

    • Shooting: 1h30 -> 1 day
    • Basic retouching included
    • Photo album creation & printing (Option)

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Discover how we will work together

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In order to best answer your needs, we will take some time to define together your project while replying to essential questions:

What type of photo project do you have?
e.g. casual, business, family? Documentary or trendy? Candid or posed?

When will the shooting take place? Do you have a specific deadline?
e.g. photos to be delivered in 72h?

e.g. in Belgium or abroad? At your place or somewhere else?

For what use?
e.g. for personal prints? Commercial use?

D-Day has come! Let’s grab a coffee together, unpack the gear and get started!

After the shooting, I will review all the pictures, select the best ones and retouch them all. Sometimes, I may even do some advanced retouching (Read the “Retouching” section for more information).

Just relax, you will only get the best. Nobody wants to see pictures with:

  • Torn faces
  • Closed eyes
  • Blurry faces
  • You name it…

Plus, nobody has time anyway to view x duplicates of the very same photo. 🙂

Once all the pictures have been sorted and retouched, I will, in due time (as agreed during the planning stage) send you a private link to download them in JPG full resolution. The delivery time depends on the project size and my activity peaks.

These photos are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited.